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Q: How many American born players do the Detroit redwings have?
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How many NBA Players have been born in Detroit?


Was Charles Lindbergh German?

No, American. Charles was born in Detroit Michigan.

How many American players play for Canadian NHL Teams?

Out of 974 total player in the NHL there are 216 American born players currently playing in the NHL.

Current NHL roster with most american-born players?

Sabres 12

What is the percentage of American born players are in Major League Baseball?

between 2% and 15%

Who are the only American born hockey players to score 1000 points?

mike modono

List of African American players in MLB?

No current major leaguers were born in Africa.

Who are the best active American hockey players?

First, there is a need to clarify the meaning of "American" since anyone born in North America could be classified as an "American." That would include both Canadian and US born players. If you mean only those players born in the United States, calling them "Americans" then the answer is a subjective one, dependent upon a person's viewpoint. In general, simply look at the line-up of the U.S. Olympic Team which generally consists of NHL players born in the US.

What NHL team has the most American players?

la kings only have 10 usa born players wrong its the buffalo sabers with 11 usa born players WRONG! It's Atlanta Thrashers with 12 as of May 2011

What percentage of NHL hockey players are born in the United States?

In the 2005-2006 season, 18% were American born. 53% were Canadian born.

When was Marcella Detroit born?

Marcella Detroit was born on June 21, 1959.

When was Michael Detroit born?

Michael Detroit was born in Marquette, in Michigan, USA.

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