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There have only been 4 African Americans in NHL

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Q: How many American-born hockey players on Buffalo sabres?
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What is the name of Buffalo's hockey team?


Where do the buffalo sabres play hockey?

The Sabres play their home games at HSBC arena.

How many players are on the buffalo Sabres?


When was the hockey team known as the Buffalo Sabres established?

The hockey team known as the Buffalo Sabres was established in 1970. Since that date the Buffalo Sabres have advanced to the Stanley Cup finals twice, in 1975 and 1999, they lost both times.

Who is the best hockey team?

the buffalo sabres and the new york rangers

Will the buffalo Sabres win the Stanley cup?

the buffalo sabres are a very skilled hockey team with perhaps one of the best goalies in the league, i believe that the sabres will win the stanley cup in 2016

Who is the shortest hockey player in the NHL?

Nathan Gerbe ,Buffalo Sabres 5'5''

Which nhl team has the most American players?

The Buffalo Sabres, with 11 American players.

How many black players have played for the Buffalo Sabres and can you name them?


Famous sports in the 1940s?


What division do the Buffalo Sabres play in?

The Buffalo Sabres play in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Division of the National Hockey League. The have in Buffalo New York since 1970 and play in the First Niagara Center.

When was Buffalo Sabres created?

Buffalo Sabres was created in 1970.

Who won the hockey game Buffalo Sabres or Boston Bruins?

4/23/2010 Buffalo 4 Boston 1

Who is Clint melarchuk?

A Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Player. Injured by an ice skate in 2007.

Who owns the Buffalo Sabres?

Thomas Golisano is the owner of the Buffalo Sabres.

What is the value of a signed hockey stick by the Buffalo Sabres' French Connection and rest of the team?

28,000 28,000

Who is a hockey player with three letters in his name and it begins with r?

Rob Ray. He was the enforcer for the Buffalo Sabres.

What city are the Buffalo Sabres from?

Since they're called the BUFFALO Sabres, it should be self evident that they are from Buffalo!!

What NHL players were drafted directly from high school to the NHL?

Jay North by the Buffalo Sabres

Why Buffalo Sabres not Sabers?

Sabres is the French spelling

What is the Buffalo Sabres mailing address?

Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres HSBC Arena 1 Seymour H. Knox III Plaza Buffalo, NY 14203-3096 USA

What is the name of the New york hockey team?

New York Rangers... New York Islanders.. Buffalo Sabres...

What is Alexander Sulzer's number on the Buffalo Sabres?

Alexander Sulzer is number 52 on the Buffalo Sabres.

What is Andrey Makarov's number on the Buffalo Sabres?

Andrey Makarov is number 35 on the Buffalo Sabres.

What is Brian Flynn's number on the Buffalo Sabres?

Brian Flynn is number 65 on the Buffalo Sabres.