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Cork have 30 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles.

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2008-09-05 00:08:04
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Q: How many All Ireland senior hurling titles have Cork?
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How many times did Cork win the All Ireland?

Cork have 7 All-Ireland senior football titles and 30 All-Ireland senior Hurling titles up to the end of the 2010 championships.

Who won the second most all Ireland final?

In Hurling, after Kilkenny, Cork have the second most All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles.

How many All Irelands has Cork won?

Thirty seven Senior All Ireland titles, thirty hurling and seven football

How many times have Cork won the All Ireland Hurling final?

Cork have won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling final on 30 occasions.

When did cork win an all Ireland last?

Cork's last All-Ireland Senior Hurling title was in 2005. Their last All-Ireland Senior Football title was in 2010.

How many All-Irelands do Kilkenny have?

They have 36 All-Ireland titles in senior hurling. Their first was in 1904 against Cork, Their last was in 2015 against Galway. They won 10 all Ireland under 21 hurling titles They won 9 all Ireland junior hurling titles They won 18 all Ireland minor hurling titles They have won none in Gaelic Football. They won 1 all Ireland ladies junior football title.

How many teams 4 in a row hurling titles?

Two teams have won 4 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles in a row. Cork: 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944. Kilkenny: 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

What are the years Cork won the Hurling final?

As of the end of the 2015 championships Cork have won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling title 30 times. Only Kilkenny, with 36 titles, have more. In third place, on 26, is Tipperary. The years Cork won are as follows:189018921893189419021903191919261928192919311941194219431944194619521953195419661970197619771978198419861990199920042005

How many teams have won the all Ireland 4 times in a row?

Cork and Kilkenny have both won 4 All-Ireland Senior Hurling titles in a row. Wexford and Kerry have both won 4 All-Ireland Senior Football titles in a row, with Kerry doing it twice.

Players who have won both hurling and football senior all Ireland medals?

Ray Cummins Cork, Brian Murphy Cork, Jimmy Barry-Murphy Cork, Teddy McCarthy Cork, Denis Walsh Cork and Liam Currams Offaly all won All Ireland Senior Hurling and Football medals

Which county won most All Ireland titles?

As of the end of the 2014 All-Ireland Finals, which are played in September: Kerry have 35 senior Football titles, the highest of any county. Kilkenny have 35 senior Hurling titles, the highest of any county. If you add senior Hurling and senior Football titles together, then Kerry have 38. Senior is the most important age category, but there are a number of others. If you add wins in all of them together, then Cork have the most All-Irelands overall.

Who won both senior all Ireland's in the one year?

Cork were both All-Ireland Senior Hurling and All-Ireland Senior Football Champions in both 1890 and 1990.

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