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Q: How many Alabama football teams have ever gone undefeated?
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Has Alabama ever gone undefeated?


Have two undefeated teams ever met in the NCAA tournament?


Has Oregon ever play Alabama in football?


Have the Bengals ever been undefeated in their division?

They were in the 2009 season if you mean have they ever beat the three teams in their division twice.

What are the best football teams ever?


Has Texas Tech's football team ever gone undefeated?

No. In fact one season, they only won one game!

Did the university of Alabama football team ever play at Birmingham?


Did anyone from Fairhope Alabama ever play football for Alabama Crimson Tide?

Andrew Friedman the 2007 kicker.

Has Alabama football team ever been shutout?

notre dame shut out alabama in the early 80's

What year did Kansas City Chiefs go undefeated in the regular season?

Only 2 teams have ever gone undefeated. The 1974 dolphins and 07 patriots.

When was Alabama's first ever football game played?

November 11, 1892

What is the most Auburn has ever beaten Alabama by in football?

48 points.1895 - Auburn 48, Alabama 01900 - Auburn 53, Alabama 5