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750 points

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Q: How many ATP points does one get for reaching Semifinals of a Grandslam?
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How many points are in a win tennis grandslam?

If Federer wins a grandslam he gets 9000 points. Other people will get around a 100 points.

How many WTA points do the women get for reaching semifinal at Wimbledon?

As stated by the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour's ranking system, reaching the semifinals of any of the major tournaments garners 900 ranking points for a player.

How many ATP points does one get for reaching the main draw of a grandslam?

The ATP awards 25 points for qualifying into a Grand Slam tournament. If the player wins more matches, he will be awarded additional points, up to 2,000 should he win the Slam.

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How many points do you get for reaching the fourth round at the US Open?

The male tennisplayers get 180 points and the female tennisplayers gets 280 points.

How many times are in the semifinals of basketball?

In the semifinals there is 7 rounds, but which ever team wins 4 rounds first is who can move on.

How many teams play in the Stanley cup semifinals?


How many points does a tennis player gets when he wins an ATP title?

5 points even if u lose in 1st round 35 for reaching the second round 75 for reaching third round 150 for reaching the 4th round 250 for reaching the Quarter Finals 450 for reaching the Semi Finals 700 for reaching the Finals 1000 points for the winner of each grand slam See the links below for details about ATP rankings

How many times has Australia reached semifinals of cricket world cup?

4 times

How many times have Uruguay been in the semifinals of the world cup?

3, twice they won it 34 and 50

How many Grand Slam Champions are in the 2011 Women's Semifinals of Roland Garros?

Two, Maria Sharapova and Francesca Schiavone.

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How many games are in the Stanley Cup semifinals?

in the Stanley cup playoffs, teams compete in a best of seven series in each round

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A total of 4 out of the 8 teams will be selected for the 2010 IPL season semifinals

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Oh yes they have been to many world cups. They even reached the semifinals in 2002.

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Four 1991 (2nd) 1995 (4th) 2003 (champion) 2007 (2nd)

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As of 1 September 2011 Rafa has won 10 grand slams: one Australian, six French, two Wimbledons, and one US.

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