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1st RoundATP


52nd Round451003rd Round901604th Round180280Quarter Finalist360500Semi Finalist720900Runner Up12001400Champion20002000

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Q: How many ATP points does a tennis player get for winning a match at Wimbledon?
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How many points does a player get after winning a tennis grand slam event?

2000 Points

Which tennis player played at Wimbledon?

All the big tennis players have plated at Wimbledon.

Who hit first ball at Wimbledon?

A tennis player

Where does roger Taylor the tennis player live?


How many points does a player win by winning the French Open in tennis?

Winner - 2000 Finalist - 1200

Is Sania Mirza a famous tennis player?

Sania Mirza is a famous tennis player from India, she is best know for winning the mixed doubles game in the 2012 Wimbledon. She also caused a stir in the Muslim religion because of her tennis outfit. Hope this helped :)

Who was the first unseeded Tennis player to win Wimbledon?

Boris Becker was first to win the Wimbledon as unseeded player in 1985.

What female tennis player won Wimbledon?

Serena Willams

Who is the shortest tennis player that played Wimbledon?

Felicisimo ampon

What kind of sport is played at Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is an annual tennis championship. Every year both men and women tennis pros will compete against one another in the hopes of winning the championship.

Movies about tennis?

There is a very good movie about tennis called Wimbledon which is about a guy who gets into the Wimbledon on a wild card, and meets a girl tennis player there and falls in love with her, and sh ehelps him win the grandfinal of Wimbledon and therefor win Wimbledon, its a really great movie you should watch., its called Wimbledon.

What sport do you associate with Wimbledon?

The sport of tennis is associated with Wimbledon.

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