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Adelaide have won 2 premiership cups

1997 and 1998.

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Q: How many AFL Premiership Cups have the Adelaide Crows won?
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How many premierships have Adelaide won?

The Adelaide Crows have won 2 premierships. It was consecutive premierships in 1997 and 1998.

How many cup Manchester United have?

19 premiership cups

How many AFL Premiership Cups have the West Coast Eagles won?

= Answer == Three - 1992, 1994 and 2006

How many clubs are in the premiership?

There are 20 clubs in the Premiership.

How many premiership titles did Liverpool win?

Liverpool have won a total of 18 E.p.L cups a record, but Manchester will win its 18th E.P.L.cup this year.

How many people in Adelaide?

Adelaide's population in 2007 was 1,158,259.

How many teams in the premiership?

There are 20 teams in total in the premiership. Outside of England, the premiership is known as the English Premier League.

How many times has Adelaide crows been in the grand final?

The Adelaide Crow's inaugural season was in 1991. They have played in two grand finals and have won both... 1997: Adelaide 19. 11 (125) def St Kilda 13. 16 (94) 1998: Adelaide15. 15 (105) def North Melbourne 8. 22 (70)

How many matches are played in the premiership?

i think 38 games are played in the premiership

How many km2 is Adelaide?

Adelaide's area is 1,826.9 square kilometers.

How many kms from Adelaide to Ballarat?

Adelaide to Ballarat 615 km

How many pages does A Feast for Crows have?

A Feast for Crows has 704 pages.

How many times hav Liverpool won the premiership?

Liverpool have never won the Premiership, The Premiership was formed in 1992. They have however won the league 18 times.

What is the meaning of premiership football game?

The Premiership is the top league in England. It is considered by many to be the best league in the world. The Premiership consists of 20 teams.

How many pages does Still Life with Crows have?

Still Life with Crows has 480 pages.

How many times man utd you won premiership?

man utd have won the premiership 10 times

How many times has Manchester United won the premiership?

Manchester United won the premiership 11 times.

How many thai people in Adelaide?

not many.

How many churches are in Melbourne?

not as many as there are in adelaide

How many players in premiership?


How many churches are there in Adelaide?

According to a street directory from 2008 there were 749 churches in Adelaide that year.

How many premiership cups has Geelong won?

The Geelong Football Club has won 8 premierships (1925, 1931, 1937, 1951, 1952, 1963, 2007, 2009). Actually, in the earlier decades of Australian Football, the teams played off for a premiership flag; it was later changed to a cup.

Do many crows live in the peatlands of Ireland?

Yes, there are a lot of crows in what are called the bogs of Ireland.

What hotels are available in Adelaide?

Many hotels are available in the South Australian city, Adelaide. Some of the more recommended options are the Sebel Playford Adelaide, the Crowne Plaza Adelaide, and the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel.

How many premiership appearances to win medal?

Players must make ten appearences to win a premiership medal.

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