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The Kangaroos of North Melbourne have appeared in 9 Grand Finals. The 'Roos have won 4 of them - 1975, 1977 (Replay - after draw with Collingwood in the first grand Final attempt), 1996 and 1999.

Use the link below to see a tally of Premierships.

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Q: How many AFL Grand finals have the North Melbourne Kangaroos won?
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How many grand finals have north Melbourne played?

9 for 4 wins and 5 losses.

How many Aussie rules grand finals have been draws?

There's been 3 draws: Essendon Vs Melbourne (Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS North Melbourne (North Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS Saint Kilda (Collingwood won rematch)

Who won the afl grand final in the year 1999?

North Melbourne Kangaroos won the Premierhip in '99, defeating Carlton Blues by 35 points

Who won the 1997 and 1998 AFL grand finals?

The Adelaide Crows won both i think. North Melbourne won the surrounding years, 1996 and 1999.

Have north Melbourne always been called the kangaroos?

In their early days, North Melbourne was known as the "Shinboners" (they still are to some!). They adopted the Kangaroo as their mascot in the 1950's.

Who was captain of the North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL team before Adam Simpson?

Anthony Stevens.

Who won the AFL phremiership in 1999?

The Kangaroos (North Melbourne) defeated Carlton by 35 points.

Who won the 1999 AFL grand final?

north Melbourne

Who won the 1996 AFL grand final?

north Melbourne

How many afl grand finals since 1990 have been replayed?

In AFL history, it has happened only once in 2010. Collingwood v St. Kilda. Collingwood won the replay The previous Replayed grandfinals in VFL History were: 1977: Collingwood v North Melbourne - North Melbourne won the Replay. 1948: Melbourne v Essendon - Melbourne won the Replay.

Who won the premiership in 1996?

The Grand Final was played between North Melbourne and Sydney. North Melbourne won 131 to 88.

How many premierships has North Melbourne kangaroos won?

4 Their years were: 1975, 1977, 1996, 1999

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