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North Carolina leads with 25 ACC Tournament Championships and 34 regular season titles. Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.

Duke has won 19 ACC Men's titles, UNC has won 17.

UNC has 9 Women's titles, Duke 8.

Total titles: Duke 27, UNC, 26.

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duke has the most 18

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Q: How many ACC Titles have Duke won?
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How many acc men's basketball champs does Duke Blue Devil's won?

Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.

Which team has won the most acc mens basketball titles?

duke has 27 acc mens basketballs championships while UNC has 18

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11 total North Carolina 5 Duke 3 North Carolina state 2 Maryland 1

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No ACC softball team has won a national championship.

How many ACC tournaments has North Carolina men's basketball won?

North Carolina has won 18 ACC Tournament Championships and 31 regular season titles.

How many basketball titles has duke won?

They have 4 titles 1991 1992 2001 2010

How many ACC championships does Duke have?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.

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The ACC has won 5 titles in the last 15 years. (Duke - 2001, Maryland - 2002, North Carolina - 2005, North Carolina - 2009, Duke - 2010)

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