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This is his first year to get 50 goals - he got 51.

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Q: How many 50 goal seasons did Sidney Crosby?
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How many Olympics goals does Sidney Crosby have?

Sidney Srosby has four olympic goals, including the golden goal which he scored to win the olympic finals against USA in 2010 winter olympics.

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Sidney Crosby has gotten 223 goals since joining the NHL. He also has 386 assists. Sidney Crosby has scored all the goals in his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What type of sports does Sidney Crosby enjoy?

Other than hockey Sidney Crosby enjoys many sports like baseball, football, soccer and tennis!

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How many siblings do Sidney Crosby have?

He has one sister, then his parents.

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How many games as Sidney Crosby played in his career?

7 millon

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