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Q: How many 3 pointers has Dwight Howard made in his career?
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How many 3 pointers has Paul Pierce made in his career?


How many 3 pointers have gasol made in his career so far?

500 out of 876

How many three pointers have Koby Bryant made in his career?

In Kobe's first season, 1996-97, he made 51 of 136 three pointers for a 37.5 percent average.

How many 3 point shots has reggie miller made?

According to Basketball Reference, Reggie Miller made 2,560 three pointers in 6,486 attempts for a career three point average of .395.

What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a career?

Brandon cole of arkansas played for JBU with 529 in hos career and behind him is JJ redick of duke

Manute bol three pointers made in a game?

Manute Bol made 6 three-pointers in a single game on April 12, 1993, while playing for the Golden State Warriors. This is the most three-pointers Bol made in a single game during his NBA career, and it remains a record for a player listed at 7 feet 7 inches tall.

Which college basketball player has made the most three pointers career all levels all colleges?

Brandon Cole of John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, hit a career total of 527 3-pointers. He played from 2002-2006. Cole also holds the all-time, all-level record for most consecutive games with a made 3-pointer, 112. J.J. Redick of Duke had 457 3-pointers.

How many 3 pointers did Derek Fisher make in the NBA finals during his career?

As far as playoffs in general, He's made 197 total.

How many 3 pointers has Shaquille O'Neal made?

Shaquille O'Neal only made one three point shot during his entire career. He made the shot during the 1995-96 NBA season with the Orlando Magic. His career three point shot record is 1 for 22 (a 4.5% career percentage).

How many three-pointers did LeBron James make?

he made about 130,000 three pointers

The most 3 pointers made?


How many three pointers has ray Allen made as a Celtics?

He now has the world record with over 2561 hree pointers