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According to Basketball Reference, Reggie Miller made 2,560 three pointers in 6,486 attempts for a career three point average of .395.

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Reggie Miller has made 2560 three pointers.

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Reggie Miller made 2560 three pointers in his career and shot a total of 6486.

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2,560 is his record and ray Allen broke it in 2011 against lakers.... reggie miller(2,560).. Allen(2,561)

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Q: How many 3 point shots has reggie miller made?
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What are the NBA statistics for most successful 3-point shots?

The record for most made shots in a NBA carrer is Reggie Miller (USA) .

Who made the most 3 point shoots in NBA in 2009?

reggie miller

Who said there were many great shots made during the season none come to mind right now?

reggie miller

Who has made the most 3 pointers of all time?

The NBA record holder for three-point field goals in a career is Reggie Miller, who scored 2560 three-point shots out of 6486 attempts during his 18 seasons with the Indiana Pacers.

Who is second to Reggie Miller in 3 point field goals career made?

Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics, however he is expected to pass Miller very soon.

Who holds the record for most 3 point shots in the NBA?

For a career it is Reggie Miller with 2,560. For a season it is Ray Allen with 269 (2005-06) For a game it is Donyell Marshall (March 13, 2005) and Kobe Bryant with 12 (January 7,2003).

How many 3 pointers has Reggie Miller made?


How many 3 point shots has ray Allen made this season?

During the 2010-2011 regular season, the Celtics' shooting guard made 168 three-pointers in 378 attempts. He has 2,612 career three-point goals, which places him ahead of the record of 2,560 set by Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers in 1998.

What NBA player made the most threepointers?

Reggie Miller with 2560

Who holds the record for 4 point plays 3 plus made foul shot in lifetime in the NBA?

Reggie Miller, with 24. Jamal Crawford with 25 and still active.

What is the total amount of 3 pointers made bye Reggie Miller?


What NBA players have the most 3-point shots scored in a playoff game?

Michael Jordan Robert Horry Derek Fisher