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Q: How many 30 million dollar fights Mike Tyson had?
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Is Mike Tyson left handed?

He fights right-handed

How many fights did Mike Tyson win altogether?

As a pro, 50.

Did evander Holyfield lose to Mike Tyson?

No Nike Tyson lost both the fights, in one Tyson bit of Evander Holyfields ear.

Who received a reported 25 million for a 1995 boxing match that lasted 89 seconds?

mike tyson

What Mike Tyson get paid a fight?

He got paid $23 million for the M Spinks fight, 10 million for the Tony Tubbs Fight, and somewhere in between for most of his championship fights first time around.

Was mike Tyson in the UFC?

No. Mike Tyson was not in the UFC. He was a professional boxer whereas UFC hosts mixed martial arts fights. Mike Tyson was a former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion who was known for his first round knock-outs. Tyson has made multiple appearances in the WWE but has not appeared in the UFC

Is any videos of Mike Tyson matches?

online, you can go to or buy videos or dvds of his fights

Who made more money in their career - Tyson or Holyfield?

Evander Holyfield earned more career money than Mike Tyson. Evander Holyfield earned $35 million over his career while Mike Tyson earned $30 million.

Did Mike Tyson spend 300 million dollars in a year?


How much did Mike Tyson make for the hangover?

4 million dollars

How many pro fights has Mike Tyson won in his carreer?

58 fights. 50 wins, 6 losses and 2 no contests. will have his complete record.

Did Mike Tyson Ever Beat Evander Holyfield?

nope lost both fights one of them being legendary for mike tysons ear bitting