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In a perfectly mathmatic world: 4. Realistically 2 and a half just from leaked air and lack of pressure after fills.

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Q: How many 20oz paintball tanks can you refill with a 5lbs co2 cylinder?
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Can a spyder mr1 take different CO2 tanks?

Yes. Standard 9oz through 20oz CO2 tanks work perfectly with the MR1. Compressed air paintball systems work fine too, with a regulator.

Do paintball 20oz co2 tanks come filled?

No, they must be filled (and not with air). The only exception is the silver 12 gram cartridges for pistols and stock class guns.

How much CO2 is in a paintball canister?

It depends if you are useing tanks like 9oz,20oz,or 24oz. Or if you are using the little silver things. The little silver things are 12grams

How many shots in a 20oz paintball tank?

around 750-1000

How do you refill a 9oz CO2 tank for a paintball gun?

It depends on where you take it. I live in Georgia and go get my tanks filled at Dicks. In Canton the price is $2.99+tax for a 9 oz, and 3.99+tax for a 20 oz. And in Cumming it is 1.99+tax for a 9oz, $3.50+tax for a 20oz. So it depends by store but I would take it to Dicks because they have been the cheapest place I have found.

How much does it cost to refill your Co2 tank at Sports Authority?

About $5.00 for 20oz it maters were u live

How much does a 20oz CO2 tank shoot in a paintball gun?

Depending on your marker, but you should get 500 to 700 shots.

How many shots are in a 12oz co2 tank?

The number of shots provided per tank is really dependent on the tanks size. I am the captain of the Bullit Paintball team, and I usually use a 20oz tank. With my 20oz I will get anywhere between 800-1000 shots, depending how fast I shoot. I would say that you'll usually get around 500 shots, and a max of 600 shots with your 12oz.

How many shots are in a 20oz CO2 paintball air canister?

Depending on the marker and temperature. Around 1000 plus or minus a hundred.

Does a jt 20oz co2 tank new come full with co2?

No co2 tanks are sold full.

How do you connect a remote line from a 20oz Co2 tank to a paintball gun?

You simply screw the line onto the tank and into the back of the gun. then you turn on the line by twisting the valve clockwise.

How many kilos is 20oz?

20oz is approximately 0.566990 kilograms

What size paintball tank would you suggest?

I use a 12 ounce, it lasts me a full day, but you might need a bigger one (20 ounce) if you shoot a lot of balls (eg. automatic firing) Tanks are a lot of preference but largely the 20oz is the standard co2 tank that will offer on a typical entry level setup about 1500 shots. For HPA whatever size you get, get it in a 4500 psi tank, that way you will get more shots out of the same size tank. The 68/4500psi has largely become standard for HPA tanks and will give you around 1300 shots on an entry level setup

How many cups is 20oz of water?

1 cup is 8oz, so 20oz is 2.5 cups.

What is the accumulator volume on the 25 cal air force condor air rifle?

The Air Tank says 66KG. So that would be 145.2 Lbs. The C02 tanks come in 20oz or 24oz

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What is the UPC code for 20oz Barq's root beer?

The UPC code for 20oz Barq's Root Beer is 049000023923.

How much sugar is in a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke?

69g of sugar are in every 20oz bottle of diet coke

20oz is equal to how many pounds?

16oz = 1lb therefore 20oz = 1lb 4oz

How many 20oz bottles of water equal 1 gallon?

A US Gallon is 128 ounces. That would be about six and a half 20oz bottles.

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What is the weight of a toucan?


How many shots can you get with a 20oz CO2 tank with a tippmann 98 custom?

A Tippmann 98 custom 20oz co2 tank shoots 1100 paintballs

How many 20oz bottles of Aquafina equal 1 gallon of water?

A US Gallon is 128 ounces. That would be about six and a half 20oz bottles.

10oz is how many ml?

20oz = 591mL