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I can't give you an exact answer but would guess it is pretty high ... in the 10 seasons between 2001-2010, 7 teams won 100+ games in the regular season and did not have a 20 game winner.

1) The 2009 New York Yankees won 103 games and C.C. Sabathia led the team with 19 wins. No one else had more than 14.

2) The 2008 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim won 100 games and had one 17 game winner (Joe Saunders) and one 16 game winner (Ervin Santana).

3) The 2004 New York Yankees won 101 games and were led by Javier Vazquez and Jon Leiber with 14 wins.

4) The 2004 St. Louis Cardinals won 105 games and had one 16 game winner (Jeff Suppan) and three 15 game winners (Matt Morris, Jason Marquis, Chris Carpenter).

5) The 2003 San Francisco Giants won 100 games and were led by Jason Schmidt with 17 wins.

6) The 2002 New York Yankees won 103 games and were led by David Wells with 19 wins and Mike Mussina with 18 wins.

7) The 2002 Atlanta Braves won 101 games and had two 18 game winners (Tom Glavine, Kevin Millwood) and one 17 game winner (Greg Maddux).

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Q: How many 100 game winning teams have not had a 20 game winner?
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