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Q: How man periods does a NCAA basketball game usually have?
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The game length for NCAA college basketball game is?

40 minutes, 20 in each half with five minute overtime periods (if necessary

How long is halftime of an NCAA basketball game?

The normal halftime for a NCAA Collegiate basketball game is 20 minutes

How many referees in a NCAA basketball game?

there are two refferies in a basketball game

Is there a NCAA basketball game for psp go?


How many periods are in a basketball game?

A basketball game has four quarters.

How many periods in a basketball game?

A Basketball game has four quarters.

Who played in the 1996 NCAA Basketball championship game?

Kentucky beat Syracuse 76-67 in the 1996 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

What is the duration of a men's ncaa basketball game?


How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


When and where was the NCAA basketball championship game played?

in florida

How long is halftime in the men's NCAA tournament basketball game?

20 minutes, like in all NCAA basketball games

When will ncaa basketball have another video game?

No there done making collage basketball games ncaa 08 is the last one

When the first NCAA basketball game?

On January 18, 1896, the first NCAA Basketball game included Chicago and Iowa. Final Score:Chicago 15Iowa 12

Who played in the Women's 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship Game?

Connecticut beat Louisville, 76-54, in the Women's 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship game.

How many quarters are in a basketballgame?

there is 4 in an NBA game and 4 in a NCAA basketball game or college basketball.

How long does an ncaa men's basketball game usually last?

Typically 2 hours and 15 minutes from start to finish

How played in the 2002 NCAA basketball national basketball game?

Maryland vs Indiana

When did the NCAA Basketball Tourney start the play-in game?


Who has the most dunks in a NCAA basketball game?

Jerry west

Can noise makers be used during a basketball game?

Not in the NCAA

Do they still make NCAA college basketball video game?


Who scored the most points in an ncaa mens basketball game?

jerry west had 62 in a wvu basketball game

What player has scored the most points in a NCAA basketball game?

Bevo Francis holds the record for most points scored in an NCAA basketball game with 113, set in 1954.

How many periods are there in a basketball game?

2 halfs Actually, there are 4 periods!

What basketball team won the NCAA championship in 1994?

Arkansas beat Duke, 76-72, in the 1994 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.