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Winnie the pooh and the blustery day

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Q: How long would it take to sail from Miami Florida to Sidney Australia?
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Which type of area would Miami Florida be considered?

Miami, Florida is a tropical and urban.

Which is the cultural capital o of Australia?

I believe this would be Sidney.

How many km from Tampa to Miami?

Tampa, Florida is 448.894 km from Miami, Florida. It would take a little over four hours to drive from Tampa to Miami.

What is the physical system of Miami Florida?

Anything that acts on the environment can be considered a physical system. An example of a physical system in Miami, Florida would be the wind and the rain.

How many hour drive is it from NY to Miami?

If you meant Miami Florida, then it would take 27 hours if you did it with out stopping.

How long would it take to get from panama city Florida to Miami Florida?


What is the driving time between Miami airport and key west?

It would take approximately 3 and a half hours to drive from Miami, Florida to Key West, Florida. Miami is 160 miles north of Key West.

What is the closest state to Miami Florida?

No State is close to Miami. However, The Grand Bahaman Island is located just northeast of it.====================================================The closest U.S. State to Miami FL (besides Florida) is Georgia.

What direction would you probably be flying if you were traveling from San Francicsco California to Miami Florida?

You'd be traveling South East, SE, since Miami, Florida is east and south of San Francisco.

How long does it take to drive from Fort Myers Florida to Miami Florida?

Fort Myers to Miami is 156.28 miles and would take 2 hours and 36 minutes to drive. [Source: Mapquest]

What is the road distance between Fort Lauderdale Florida and Miami Florida?

The distance between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is 26.4 miles. By road, this journey would take approximately half an hour.

What mode of transportation would you have to taketo get to Miami Florida?

it would probably take a plane but it depends on where you live!