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I started Ballet when i was 14 and i was completely inexperienced, and now i am 16 and a professional. :) with heaps of hard pratice probs it will take you bout 1-2 years. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How long would it take to an inexperienced 15year old to start ballet and move on to pointe?
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Ballet that start with a g?

Grangte'... it is a leap in en pointe'

How long would it take an inexperiened 15 year old to start ballet and move on to pointe?

you can start ballet at 15 and move on to pointe but it will take a couple of years until u are strong enough to go on hope this helps :)

What happens if you are not ready for pointe?

you just need to wait until your ballet instructor thinks your ready, our if you haven't a ballet teacher start going to a ballet school.

What AGE should someone start pointe dancing?

The age most Ballet dancers should start pointe danceing is from 11 to 13 years old. If you start pointe too young, you could break your foot It also depends on how well your ankle support is. If you don't have good ankle support you could break your foot easily. I had a question about the answer on the top. I am 11 years old and i have had ballet experience since I was 3 years old. I went to 7 ballet schools they all had mixed opinions. 5 of the schools said I should start pointe at 15 and 2 of the schools said I should start pointe at 12. And my old ballet school said that I should start pointe at 11. What do you think?? Thank you! :)

Im 14 and 10 stone you want to start ballet what shoes do you start with?

Start with soft leaher shoes because pointe are for advanced ask you ballet teacher about shoes and more

Do you get your pointe shoes right away when you start ballet?

No, you don't. It is important to learn the basics of ballet before starting pointe work. Teachers suggest that you train for a few years to establish the required strength and technique.

Can you start ballet at 15years old and get pointe in a year?

There's no way to be subtle about this: no. To get to pointe, it takes years and years of experience. Over 98% of the time the dancers that start pointe have been studying ballet seriously for over 7 years. When I started I had been studying ballet for 8 years. (I was 12) I was also a very advanced dancer as well. But definitely not in a year. Sorry. :(

Can you take pointe without any experience?

No.Your supposed to take ballet for a couple of years. Pointe requires a lot of strength in the toes, feet, and legs. If you were to just put on pointe shoes and start dancing, you would have the risk of injuring yourself greatly. But if you have ballet experience, then pointe would be okay to try.

What percentage of girls that start ballet get to pointe?

It takes a long time to get to be strong enough for a girl to start pointe. It took me ten years. This past fall was my first year on pointe; i didn't even where my pointe shoes for my recital because i am still not strong enough. it takes time and patience.

Can you teach yourself Pointe Work Ballet?

It is possible to teach yourself how to do pointe, but the real reason ballet teachers don't put you on pointe when you want is because it is extremely dangerous to your body especially your ankles. I know several people you went on pointe when they weren't ready and now they can hardy walk let alone dance.To tell if your ankles are strong enough to start pointe work is by an x-rayIf the doctor says it is safe to start on pointe you can teach yourself by videos.GOOD LUCK!!!

What are the shoes you need to wear in ballet?

you start with just simple ballet flats, usually made from canvas. can be split soled. then you progress to demi pointe's which help to build up ankle support and get you used to the feeling of boxes and then pointe's. very hard! :)

How many ballet grades are there and which grade do you normally start pointe work?

Acutally - it depends on where you go. If you dance with BTDA for example, it goes to grade 5, then intermediate and up. If, like myself, you dance with the royal ballet school, it goes to grade 8. pointe work does not start at a specific grade. I dance with the North Wales School of Dance and really, the pointe work strats around grade 5. But the ballet teachers will only let you start if they think that you are ready (ankles are strong, point is good) You really have to work hard and pointe is quite dangerous, you can brake your ankles.

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