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you can start Ballet at 15 and move on to pointe but it will take a couple of years until u are strong enough to go on hope this helps :)

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Q: How long would it take an inexperiened 15 year old to start ballet and move on to pointe?
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Can you take pointe without any experience?

No.Your supposed to take ballet for a couple of years. Pointe requires a lot of strength in the toes, feet, and legs. If you were to just put on pointe shoes and start dancing, you would have the risk of injuring yourself greatly. But if you have ballet experience, then pointe would be okay to try.

What outfit does a ballerina wear?

In class/lessons you would most likely wear a leotard with ballet-pink stockings and ballet slippers or pointe shoes. If you were performing you would wear a tutu with stockings and Pointe shoes. You don't always wear pointe shoes, sometimes you wear ballet shoes/slippers.

What kind of shoes do ballerina's wear?

toe shoes Ballet slippers are what you would most likely start on and then when your teacher thinks your ready you can start on pointe shoes :)

Would you break your toe if you didn't were ballet shoes?

Not for regular ballet but for pointe there is a chance that you could break toes.

Will you be able to start on pointe lessons without learning ballet?

=No way. Youhave to take ballet before pointe. If you don't you will get bad would get hurt badly and might even some serious injuries. Injuries that will be with you the rest of your life. I gurantee you wouldn't even find anyone who would teach you without experiece.==I have been taking ballet for about 8 years. I am just starting pointe now. I am a very advanced dancer. 12 years old. In the highest class. And I'm now starting pointe. So you need to have at least 5 years before you start.=

How long would it take to an inexperienced 15year old to start ballet and move on to pointe?

I started ballet when i was 14 and i was completely inexperienced, and now i am 16 and a professional. :) with heaps of hard pratice probs it will take you bout 1-2 years. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long after you start ballet can you dance Demi pointe?

If you are talking about demi pointe shoes (otherwise known at soft blocks) your teacher may recommend you to wear them. I recently got my demi pointe shoes and have been taking ballet classes for just over a year (now at grade 4). Mine were very uncomfortable at first, but you just have to break them in, just like you would for a regular pointe shoe. If in any doubt talk to you ballet teacher, they could give you some advice about whether you should need soft blocks. Also if you are taking RAD intermediate exams, I believe it is compulsory to have demi pointe shoes. Not completely sure though, i would double check. Good luck and hope this was some help to you:)

Where to get ballet shoes with flat tips?

these are called pointe shoes and you should get them when your teacher says that you are can get them at any dance store that sells ballet shoes, and i would recommend using Suffolk or Blochs.

Which pointe shoes to buy?

I would suggest that you ask your ballet teacher for recommendations. It is important to get properly fitted as the best way to injure yourself is to have bad fitting pointe shoes. As makes go, I would suggest Grishko (2007 I would suggest, if you are a beginner on pointe). Grishko do have a website so look there. When buying pointe shoes, if possible try on Pro-Pads or Ouch Pouchs as they make wearing pointe shoes more comfortable. However, make sure you try your pointe shoes with them in otherwise you may find that they do not fit. Buying a pair of convertible tights helps in a ballet class if you are buying Ouch Pouchs or Pro- Pads but again make sure you try your pointe shoes on with these tights. I would not suggest buying pointe shoes online as you cannot try them on. Sources Personal Experience

What is the difference between modern ballet and classical ballet?

Modern ballet is more from this century. It isn't to music you would here in a symphony where as classical is. Classical is when you go to The Nutcraker and see ladies op on pointe shoes doing things like pirouettes.

Where can you order demi pointe shoes?

You can go to Berry's I would highly recommend Grishko Exam Pre-Pointe with no shank, Beautiful shoe and helps a lot with learning the basic feel of pointe shoes.... They can be a pretty penny but it's worth it :) -Doing ballet for 3 years

Is it bad for ballet if every time you pointe your foot your 2nd toe goes over your big toe?

This is not necessarily a good thing. You might want to see a ballet shoe fitter to discuss options for shoes, especially if you do pointework. I myself would suggest using rubber spacers if you dance en pointe.

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