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It's a form of entertainment, so as long as people are willing to watch it, Wrestling will stick around.

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Q: How long will wrestling last?
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How long does a wrestling match last for?

it is all scripted

How long does an average high school wrestling tournament last?

Most 16 man bracket tournaments usually last for two days.

How long is a wrestling season?

Wrestling never ends

How long are college wrestling practices?

at the D3 school i wrestle for it usually last around 2 to 2.5 hours

How long has the rock been wrestling?

he has been wrestling for 49 years

How long can your hair be in wrestling?

It could be how long you want it to

How long does each period last in the college level in wrestling?

1st Period: 3 minutes2nd & 3rd Period: 2 minutes

How long John Cena wrestling?

John Cena has been wrestling 10 years

How long does an olympic wrestling match last?

I am pretty sure it is one five minute period in freestyle but I dont know about greco roman

How long are roh wrestling live events?

a hour long

How long has john cena been wrestling for?

John cena has been wrestling for 14 years

How long has wwes ted debiosity been wrestling?

He made his pro wrestling debut in July 2006, so he has been wrestling in 5 years.

How long has Triple H been in wrestling?

Triple H has been in wrestling since March 1992.

Is there a specific color for wrestling mats?

Wrestling mats can be any color as long as you can distinguish the out of bounds line

Who was batista's last girlfriend?

A girl named Kathy who has nothing to do with wrestling

How long is a pro wrestling match?

They could vary

How long Kane been wrestling?

13 years

How long are wrestling matches?

There is no specific set time in a normal single match. However there are matches like an iron Man match where you have to last say 30 minutes.

Will Melina go to tna?

maybe... i think its not the last time we see her.. and gail too! melina really have a big talent, she will not stay out of wrestling for a long time.. i hope

Who found wrestling?

cavemen , when the fought over who would get the last buffalo wing .

What Happened at the end of The Wrestler?

He takes his last jump and died for the wrestling buisness.

Is wrestling safe?

Every sport has risks for injury, but wrestling is relatively safe so long as you know what you and your opponent are doing.

What is the best underwear for wrestling?

a strong stretchy and flexible underwear i advise you do not try wrestling unless you have trained for a long time.

How long is a high school wrestling match period?

Three (3) Minutes Long.

Who was the founder of wrestling?

You would have to be more specific as to what type of wrestling (or which federation) you are asking about. Wrestling in general has been around for centuries. Professional Wrestling has been organized since the early 20th century, long before the WWF.