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I believe it was the same as now, 12:00 four quarters.

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2010-06-30 07:27:09
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Q: How long were the quarters in a NBA basketball game in 1990?
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Related questions

How long are the quarters in an olympic basketball game?

In an Olympic basketball game, each quarter was 10 minutes long.

How long is each quarter in an NBA basketball game?

12 minute quarters

How long are the quarters in a basketball game?

12 min. for NBA and 20 min. for college.

How long are the quarters in a college basketball game?

College basketball is played in halves, with 20 minutes per half. Only high school and NBA play quarters.

What four things is a professional game of basketball made of?

The game of basketball is divided into 4 quarters. In the NBA, each quarter is 12 minutes long.

How many periods are there in a basketball game and how long are they?

There are four quarters in a regulation basketball game ranging from 8 to 12 minutes depending on the age group.

How long is a high school basketball game?

36 minutes, with four 8 minute quarters

In 1993 how long were the quarters in a NBA basketball game?

12 minutes. same as it always has been.

How long is high school basketball game?

36 minutes, with four 8 minute quarters

How long is the average professional basketball game?

The length of an average pro basketball game is 48 minutes, 12 minutes per every 4 quarters.

How long is an international basketball game?

In international play, the basketball game has four quarters lasting ten minutes each. In the NBA, the quarters are 12 minutes each. Five minute overtimes apply to each set of rules.

How many quarters are in a basketball team?

I think you mean in basketball game ! Games are played in 4 quarters. 10 minutes (international), 12 (NBA), and overtime periods are five minutes long.

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