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Q: How long was the longest the game in NFL history between Miami and the Kansas City Chiefs?
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What is the longest Super Bowl game in history?

The Miami Dolphins Vs. The Kansas City Chiefs. Dolphins win.

What is Kansas City Chiefs record in 2008?

The Chiefs' 2-14 record was the worst in franchise history.

How many wins do the Kansas City Chiefs have in the history of their franchise?


Who won super bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and MN vikings?


What is the longest nfl game overtime without ending in a tie?

The all time longest NFL game is the Christmas Day, 1971 playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins that ended 7:40 into the second overtime period when Garo Yepremian of the Dolphins kicked a 37 yard field goal. The longest NFL regular season game that didn't end in a tie was played October 31, 2010 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. Ryan Succop of the Chiefs kicked a 35 yard field goal as time expired in the overtime period to give the Chiefs the win.

When did the AFL team Kansas City Chiefs start?

The team was a charter member of the American Football League in 1960. They were playing in Dallas and were known as the Texans. The team relocated to Kansas City for the 1963 season and became known as the Chiefs. Click on the 'Kansas City Chiefs' link on this page to read about the franchise's history.

Who won between the Kansas City Chiefs or Oakland Raiders?

The Chiefs lead the regular season series 55-47-2

Where did the chiefs first play in Kansas City?

Dallas The Chiefs played as the Dallas Texans between 1960-1962.

Who rides the Kansas City Chiefs horse Warpaint?

Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader, Susie Derouchey

What state are the Kansas City Chiefs from?


Are the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas or missouri?

Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, is located at One Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, Missouri, Jackson County

What inspired the Kansas City Chiefs name?

The Chiefs name was derived from a poll held in the Kansas City area.