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After winning the 1918 World Series the Red Sox did not win again until 2004, a span of 86 seasons.

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Q: How long was the Red Sox World Series drought?
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Who won the world series for the first time since 1918 overcoming at last the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees?

The Boston Red SoxThe Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, their first World Series title since 1918. The Red Sox World Series drought had nothing to do with the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red sox did not over come the 'curse of the Babe' they overcame being down 3 games to none to the Yankees in the Playoffs and earned their way to the 2004 World Series title.

Did the Red Sox win the World Series in 1904?

There was no World Series in 1904.

What season did Pedro Martinez play for the Red Soxs?

Pedro started his career with the Red Sox in 1998. His last season was 2004, the year the Sox "reversed the curse" and ended their 86 year drought by winning their first World Series since 1918.

World Series games in which Red Sox participated?

The Boston Red Sox participated in 11 different World Series.19031912191519161918194619671975198620042007

What team in the MLb went with out a title for 86 years?

86 year World Series DroughtThe Boston Red Sox went 86 years without winning a World Series title from 1918-2004 but the Chicago Cubs holds the record with the longest World Series drought. As of 2009 the Chicago Cubs have not won a title in 101 years. The Last World Series title the Cubs won was in 1908. They also won in 1907 for a total of two World Series titles in franchise history.

Who has won the World Series as a Red Sox and a Red?


When did the Boston red sox win the world series?

Boston Red Sox won the 1901 World Series aganst the Pittsburgh Pirates(it was the very first World Series in MLB histoy.

What team won the baseball World Series in 2004?

The Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 World Series.

When is the most recent World Series that the Red Sox won?

As od 2009 the last World Series the Red Sox won was in 2007.

Who played in the 1915 world series?

The Boston Red Sox Won The 1915 World Series