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Kevin Garnett has played for 14 years. He is still playing.

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Q: How long was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?
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When was kevin garnett drafted?

Kevin Garnett was selected as the fifth pick in the 1995 NBA draft.

Who is the model of the NBA?

Kevin garnett

Who will be on the cover of NBA 2K9?

Kevin garnett

Why is Kevin Garnett famous?

He is a NBA player.

Who does Kevin Garnett play for in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett first played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, then played for the Boston Celtics.

When did Kevin garnett win a NBA championship?

Kevin Garnett won the 2008 NBA championship. He won it with the Boston Celtics, after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 2, in the NBA Finals.

Who is the best NBA player in 2007?

Kevin Garnett

Who got the most money in nba?

Kevin Garnett

What year did Kevin garnett join the NBA?

In 1995

Did Kevin garnett's mother accompany him to the NBA?


Who started the chalk toss in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett

What NBA player wear the 5?

Kevin garnett

How did Kevin garnett get in the NBA straight from high school?

Through the NBA draft.

Who won the 2004 NBA MVP?

Kevin Garnett was the 2004 NBA MVP.

How long has Kevin garnett been playing?

He got drafted in 1995 and have played 14 seasons in the NBA.

Who is the highest NBA player?

Kevin Garnett is the current highest paid player in the NBA.

Who is the riches NBA player who still plays in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett 24.75 Million

Will the Boston Celtics get Kevin Garnett?

The Boston Celtics already have Kevin Garnett. He was traded to the Celtics during the summer of 2007, after the NBA draft.

Which NBA player is related to Kevin Garnett?

shammond Williams

Who was the highest paid player in the NBA 2006?

Kevin Garnett

What number draft was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

number 5

What NBA Basketball player spit on a girl?

Kevin Garnett

Does NBA player Kevin Garnett have any MVP awards?


What NBA players wear the number 5?

Kevin garnett

Who was in the NBA first Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garrnet?

Kevin Garnett was in the NBA first. He was drafted in 1995 and Kobe was drafted in 1996.