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First of all, it will depend on if your surgeon is able to remove the gallbladder and stones via a laparoscopic procedure or not. In some cases the laparoscopic procedure cannot be completed and the procedure is converted to an open cholecystectomy via a traditional incision. That rarely happens, but can. There are factors that will influence this. Your surgeon is the best person to predict what likelihood of this exists in each individual situation.

If the procedure is completed laparoscopically, There will be several small incision, including one located in the navel that will need time to heal. You will be decidedly sore for a number of days and taking pain medication. Each persons tolerance is variable, and must be taken into consideration.

If the procedure has to be converted intraoperatively to an open procedure, you will have an additional, longer incision. This incision would be below the rib cage on the right side and would require a longer time for healing and is more uncomfortable. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to this. Even the best of pre-operative screening cannot always avoid this.

Your surgeon would be the best person to consult as to the amount of time you would require before returning to playing Basketball. At the very least, I seriously doubt if you would feel up to it before about 3-4 weeks at a minimum and longer if the procedure converts to an open one. You need to allow your body time to heal. Your doctor will clear you to play at the appropriate time.

You may also have some dietary adjustments to learn to live with. Big, fatty meals may leave you uncomfortable for several hours with the gallbladder gone. Your liver will now drain bile directly into your small intestine continuously instead of being concentrated for delivery on demand in response to a fatty meal. Each individual learns to cope with this in their own way.

As a former critical care RN, I am writing this from a rather broad perspective. Over the years, I have seen the procedure move from being done strictly in in a hospital OR, to over time, being done in outpatient surgery centers in select circumstances. That being said, there are strict criteria used in determining suitability in each situation as to where the procedure is done. Your anesthesiologist will also weigh in on the day of surgery as to if he or she feels that an outpatient surgery center is the appropriate choice for you. If your anesthesiologist does not feel the choice is appropriate, your procedure can be cancelled at the last moment. They are looking out for your best interests, and not their paycheck. That is a responsible anesthesiologist and one I respect.

Surgery centers are great places. They are very safe and add a more personal touch for your care. Depending on the individual patient, I have personally sent them home via car as little as an hour or so after completion of the procedure. Others need a longer time and this can vary. I have also had the procedure myself, thus perhaps more explanation than you expected. :-)

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If it doesn't affect you playing, than it should be okay just to be careful on it.

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Q: How long should I wait to play basketball after removing gallbladder stones?
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Individual gall stones can be removed from the gallbladder. If there are too many gall stones, the gallbladder itself must be surgically removed.

What are the benefits of gallbladder removal?

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What care should a patient receive after a gallstone removal?

Without a gallbladder, stones rarely reform. Patients who have continued symptoms after their gallbladder is removed may need an ERCP to detect residual stones or damage to the bile ducts caused by the stones before they were removed.

What diet causes gallbladder stones?

When you eat a lot of birds and stones.

What is Cholelithias?

The presence of concrements (stones) in the gallbladder.

What characteristics does a normal gallbladder X-ray have?

The x ray will show normal structures for the age of the patient. The gallbladder should visualize, and be free of any solid structures, such as stones, polyps, etc.

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The gallbladder sometimes make stones because of a build up of bile pigments and cholesterol.

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If your gallbladder was removed, any gallstones would be removed with it. The gallbladder is a lot like a pouch, and the stones would be enclosed inside of it.

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Gallbladder stones are small, hard, and abnormal mass composed of cholesterol, calcium salts, and bile pigments. Gallbladder stone gets formed in the gallbladder or bile duct. Approximately 80% of the gallbladder stones are cholesterol stones that may develop due to an excessive amount of cholesterol in the bile. Another type of gallbladder stone is pigments stones which are more common in people having cirrhosis (a liver disea2se), blood diseases like anemia, etc. Pigments stones are small in size and are made up of bilirubin. Homoeopathy provides reliable, safest, and complication-free treatment to treat gallbladder stones. It can complete cure gallstones within your body.

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It has become the "gold standard" for diagnosis of stones in the gallbladder, but is less accurate in diagnosing stones in the bile ducts

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