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Long enough to demonstrate that you have control of the ball

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Q: How long must you hold the cricket ball to make a catch?
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How long can fielder hold on to cricket ball after catch?

5 secs

How long is one over of cricket?

In cricket, one over consists of 6 genuine ball, excluding extra deliveries like wide ball, no ball, etc.

What is a long barrier in cricket?

it is when you get down to the ball at 90 degrees

What is long barrier in cricket?

it is when you get down to the ball at 90 degrees

How long do you have to hold on to a kickball for it to be an out?

In order for the kicker to be out off a catch the player that is doing the catching must have possesion of the ball. The is no official time limit to be called an out.

If you catch a baseball how long do you have to hold it to make it a fly ball?

Long enough for the fielder to demonstrate to the official(s) that he has control of the ball. If he drops it 'during the course of fielding' it's deemed not a catch. If it is deemed, by the ump, to be dropped in the transfer from glove to throwing motion you won't have held it very long, but it is a judgement call and may go against you. The same for catching a fly ball, its upto the ump. Just don't drop it!_________________________________________________________________________________ A fly ball is a term for when the batter hits the ball and it goes high in the air, and usually makes for an easy out because they are easy for outfielders to catch

Can you knock in a cricket bat with a ball in a sock?

yes you can but make sure it is a long sock

How long can you hold a ball in netball?

5 seconds

Is Kobe Bryant a ball hog?

The real question in: how long do have have to hold the ball to be calleda ball hog.

How long are you permitted to hold the ball in netball?

Three seconds, or it is called a held ball.

How do you calculate the ball speed in cricket?

In international cricket, simply a speed gun is used on the boundary line. However, in standard club cricket, you can video the delivery, note the distance, and time how long it takes the ball to get to the end of the pitch from the start of the delivery.

Do you hold your breath in a ball pit?

No, as long as you stay calm then you don't have to hold your breath.

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