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Q: How long is their sunlight during the summer in northern Canada?
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When does the northern hemisphere get the most direct sunlight?

during the Summer solsticeSummer solsticeIt's Summer Solstice.Summer.

Why is the north pole always in sunlight during the summer in the northern hemisphere?

It is because it is at the northern hemisphere so when then northen hemisphere gets the sunlight it is whith the north pole

During which season is the sunlight more direct on the northern hemispher and why?

Summer in the North, because that is when the North pole is tilted towards the Sun.

How the angle the sunlight reaches the earth impacts the number of hours of sunlight and the length of the day?

During the summer, the sun is striking the Northern Hemisphere straight on, therefore providing strong sunlight and longer daylight hours. The opposite is true during the winter; the Northern Hemisphere is turned away from the sun during this time, hence receiving weak sunlight and shorter daylight hours.

Why do you get more hours of daylight per a day in the summer?

Because you turn the clock back a whole hour. Also, the Earth is tilted on its axis, so countries in the northern hemisphere will experience less sunlight during the winter months and more sunlight during the summer.

Can you see the aurora borealis in summer?

During the northern summer, sunlight prevents viewing the aurora at high northern latitudes. As the sun climbs in the sky until June 21st and then descends, the nights are too light to see the aurora.

What season is it in Montreal Canada?

It is currently summer in Canada as the country is in the northern hemisphere, meaning its summer months are June, July and August.

What season does sunlight strike the northern hemisphere more directly?


How much sunlight do you have on the northern hemisphere during winter?

That depends on your latitude. The higher your latitude, the less sunlight you get during winter. (And the more sunlight you get during summer!) Over the course of a year, it all averages out; you get 12 hours of sunlight per day, on average, no matter where you are.

What is the name of the day that the northern hemisphere has the greatest amount of sunlight?

the summer soloists

If it was summer in Canada what season would it be in France?

Since both Canada and France are in the northern hemisphere, their seasons will match. Therefore, if it is summer in Canada, it is summer in France as well.

Where can poler bear can be found in the wild?

In the Arctic, on pack ice during the winter and in Northern Canada, Greenland, and other Arctic landmasses and islands during the summer.