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I have been on the leafs waiting list for 3 years and a friend of mine his father has been on it for about 12 years.

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Way more then worth the watch.

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Q: How long is the waiting list to buy maple leafs season tickets?
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Is beer included with maple leafs platinum tickets?


Where can one buy tickets online for The Maple Leafs?

One can buy tickets online for the Toronto Maple Leafs from the 'StubHub' websites where tickets are available for a number of games. One can also get them from 'Ticket Master'.

When do maple leafs tickets go on sale?

sept 12

Where can a person find Toronto Maple Leafs tickets online?

You can find Toronto Maple Leafs tickets on Ticketmaster. Simply go on Google, and search ticketmaster. It should be the first link, be careful not to click on the ads. When you're on ticketmaster, search Toronto Maple Leafs. Good Luck!

Who here likes Toronto Maple Leafs?

I like Toronto Maple Leafs because they are doing a great job this season and they are awesome

Who will be the MVP of the Toronto Maple Leafs for the 2007-2008 season?

Rob Blake Rob Blake never played for the Toronto Maple Leafs

When was the last season Toronto Maple Leafs where in playoffs?


Did the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup in 2007-2008?

The Toronto Maple Leafs did not win the Stanley cup for the 2007-2008 season.

What is the most losses the Toronto Maple Leafs have had in a single season?

The most losses for the Leafs in a season was in the 1984-85 season when they went 20-52-8.

When did the Toronto maple leafs move conferences?

1998- 1999 season

Where could one find the schedule of the Toronto Maple Leafs?

The schedule for the Toronto Maple Leafs changes every season. However, a person can find information on the current or upcoming season by visiting the team's website.

What are the release dates for 2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Blackhawks vs- Maple Leafs?

2010-11 Regular Season - 2007 Blackhawks vs- Maple Leafs was released on: USA: November 2008