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the zone inside the key

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Q: How long is the restricted zone in basketball?
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How long has zone been taken out of weekend basketball?


If a website is not specifically designated as falling into a particular Security Zone it is treated by Internet Explorer as a Restricted Site Zone for safety reasons?

It is usually places into an unknown zone. If there is a list of zones places by spyware blaster then the site would automatically go into the restricted zone.

What can prevent a flood?

embankment,flood walls,restricted zone

What is the default security level for the Restricted zone?


What are the two main defences in basketball?

The defenses in basketball are man to man and zone.

What is the best place to park in a city from the following answers?

Restricted Zone Commercial Zone Double Park All of the above

In basketball where is the scoring zone?

anywhere you can shoot from

What are defense techniques in basketball?

man and the zone

What is a zone in basketball?

a number of basketball plays which are presented by an animation

What does no zone mean in basketball?

Zone is when you are covering a "spot" or area, so no zone would mean you are now covering a person.

What are 2 kinds of defense in basketball?

Man And Zone

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Death Zone - 1993 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:BPjM Restricted