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Q: How long is the nurburgring track?
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What is the length of the nurburgring track?


Where is the location of the race track that has the most accidents?

Nurburgring in Germany.

What makes nurburgring track is the best one?

The Nurburgring is an old track that has changed very little over the years. Because of the sheer length of the track (over 13 miles) the area it covers is able to house garages for many different car manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Porsche, and Nissan. The old fashioned nature of the track means that it is the ideal place to develop track based cars. The amount of mechanical grip required to post fast times at the Nurburgring means that most cars developed here have very hard suspension settings, and are often very uncomfortable to drive on main roads. Some people even say that using the Nurburgring to develop a road car ruins the car.

How long is b spec on Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance grand turismo playstation 2?

How long is b spec on Nurburgring 24 Hours Endurance grand turismo4 - playstation 2?

How do you tune Forza 2 cars for the Nurburgring?

Really it depends. In terms of tuning you really do have to find your own feel to the car. And also it comes down to the car that you have. If you have a Mustang and a Lamborghini, they will need to be tuned differently. Another factor is what places in the track your car needs to be good at. The Nurburgring is a very winding track and has very different corners to any other track in the world. It also is known for having a long straight, so you can tune a car to perfection, but it comes down to the driver in the end.

How do you unlock nurburgring in pgr 4?

Get 75,000 credits then you can pay to unlock the Nurburgring

What is the largest car race track?

Actually, the longest car race track is Nurburgring in Germany. It is around 14 miles long. It will soon be surpassed by the Gotland ring in Sweden, which will be roughly 17.3 miles long. The longest track in the world is privately owned my volkswagen, it's used to test prototype cars. It consists of over 60 miles of track. It's a restricted air space also. For reference, if you include street race tracks and motorbikes, then the Isle of Man TT course is the longest at 37.73 miles long!

Where is the Nordschleife located?

The Nordschleife is located as part of the Nurburgring motorsports complex which surrounds the vilalge of Nurburg in Rhineland-Palatinate in the country known as Germany. The Nodschleife is the north loop track.

What state is the nurburgring in?

I thought it was in Germany

What are the World's Longest Race Tracks?

it is the nurburgring nordschliffe

Where is the ring racer located?

It is located in Nurburgring, Germany

How far is a lap of the nurburgring?

The NORDSCHLEIFE is 14.2 miles.