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Q: How long is the driving season for formula 1?
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When was Formula 1 founded?

The first season for the FIA formula one world Driving Championship was 1950

What car number was Michael Schumacher in the first season of his Formula 1 career?

Michael Schumacher drove the #32 car in his first ever Formula 1 race on August 25, 1991. He competed in five more races that season, driving the #19 car.

When does the Formula 1 season start?

The 2013 Formula 1 season starts on 17 March 2013 in Melbourne.

How long has jenson button been driving for formula 1?

Anyway, he began his F1 career with Williams in the year 2000.

When was the first Formula 1 season?


What is the longest formula 1 circuit?

In 1957 Formula One Grand Prix was held at the Pescara Circuit in Italy which was 25.8 km long. The current circuit in the 2009 season is Spa-Francorchamps which is 7.004km long

What car number was Jenson Button in the first season of his Formula 1 career?

Jenson Button's first Formula 1 season was in 2000, he drove the #10 car.

What car number was Mark Webber in the first season of his Formula 1 career?

In 2002, Mark Webber drove the #23 car in his first Formula 1 season.

How long is the 1 season of corner gas?

Season 1 is 13 episodes long

Could you get a job in formula 1?

That depends on how fast your driving is!

How many races did Felipe Massa win in the Formula 1 career?

Through the 2010 F1 season, Felipe has won 11 F1 races ... all while driving for Ferrari.

Who was the Formula One World Champion in 1952?

Alberto Ascari won the 1952 Formula One World Championship, the first of two, driving for Enzo Ferrari's Ferrari chassis with 36 points.The following season he picked up a second championship!