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I'm of the opinion that it's 3 1/2 years for a Running Back in the NFL

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โˆ™ 2010-06-15 10:18:21
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Q: How long is the average NFL running backs career?
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How long is the average NFL career by position?

full backs

How long is a starting running back's average career length?

The career of the average back is less than 2.6 years.

What is an NFL running back career lifespan?

how long is a running back career

How long is the average NFL career?

The average NFL career lasts from two to four years.

What are your chances of gettig a concussion for a running back?

Statistics show that running backs don't last as long in a career due to injuries. One of those injuries that has been career ending is a concussion. Even though football has better equipment than they played with 10 years ago, the defensive linemen have gotten stronger and faster, resulting in more injuries to the running back.

How long is the average boxers career?

10 years

What is the average long NBA career?

30 years

How long is the average basketball player's career?

5 years is average in the NBA.

How long does running backs usually stay in the nfl?

You can stay there a long time until you want to quit.But i do know that you have to quit some time.But don't stay in there to long.

How long is a average nurses career?

The average nurses career is twenty five years. Being a nurse is a great career and most nurses do it until they have enough years in to retire.

Average PGA golfer career length?

The average career length is pretty long. This is because there are not as many injuries suffered in the sport as with football and basketball.

How long is the average career of an NBA player?

As of the 2007/2008 season the average NBA players experience which can be likened to their career length was 4.71 years.

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