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No less than 15 feet.

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Q: How long is the approach on a bowling lane?
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Why you don't use basketball shoes for bowling alley?

Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane. Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane.

What is the foot of the lane in bowling?

The area from the foul line back to end of the lane is called the "approach".

What line is the foul line in bowling?

It is the line where the approach meets the lane.

What is the length of approach in a bowling center?

For a regulation bowling lane, not less than 15 feet in length.

What is the bowling approach?

The approach, in the sport of bowling, is the area in front of the lane that you take your steps to deliver the ball. It usually starts just behind the ball return.

What is the name of the starting line in a bowling lane?

There is not a starting line in bowling. There is a foul line at the start of the lane where the ball travels. Prior to that is the approach where you walk and deliver the ball.

What is a approach in bowling?

The term "approach" in bowling refers to the portion of the lane that the bowler walks on to deliver the ball. The approach is approximately 15 feet in length from the start to where it meets up with the foul line.

How long is a regulation bowling alley?

A bowling lane is 60 feet long from the foul line to the center of the headpin. Each pin is 12 inches apart center to center. And the approach (the part you walk on) is 15 feet long.

How long is a standard bowling lane?

60 feet

How do you get bowling lane wood?

The approach, first 10 feet after the foul line, and from 10 feet before the pin deck to the end of the lane are maple and the 46 feet between the two maple parts are pine on a "traditional" bowling lane. You can get that at a lumberyard. New bowling lanes are synthetic.

How is long is the bowling lane?

The lane is 60 feet from the foul line to the center of the head pin.

What is on a Bowling etiquette checklist for beginning bowler?

Definately a beginner should not bowl if someone is on the approach on the lane next to them.

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