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The Philadelphia Eagles Wait list has more than 60,000 accounts. The number of season ticket seats that get surrendered each year is tiny though, about a dozen to 15, according to the Eagles. Since those on the waiting list are entitled to two seats, that number probably means fewer than 10 people graduate off the waiting list each year, the Eagles say. The average renewal rate of Eagles Season tickets is 99.7 percent.

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In the past six years they have been able to remove about 1,600 names off the list.

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Q: How long is the Philadelphia Eagles season ticket waiting list?
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How long is the Philadelphia Eagles ticket waiting list?


What are the packages for eagles tickets?

The Philadelphia Eagles have a couple different ticket packages. The first package is the travel package. It includes lodging, seats, and round trip transportation. The other package is the season ticket package which includes tickets to every game in the season in the same seats along with special discounts on food and apparel.

What is the best time to buy Philadelphia Eagles tickets?

The Philadelphia Eagles generally sell out and you have to purchase tickets in the secondary ticket market. I use Vertex Tickets when I buy Eagles tickets.

How long is the season ticket list at Tottenham Hotspur?

The season ticket waiting list is approximately 35,000 people.

How many people are on the Pittsburgh Steelers season ticket waiting list?

35,000 people are on it.

How much does a ticket cost in Green Bay Wisconsin?

It's an expensive proposition that depends on the seat. I believe the face value tickets range from about $50 up to many hundred dollars. Of course, unless you're a season ticket holder the ticket values actually paid are much higher. PS the season ticket holder waiting list is like 35 years long... As of now 11/08/13 the Packers vs. Eagles Nov.10 12:00PM run from the low of $109 sec 332 to $315 Sec 474...there are lots of tikets in the $150 and under so go see the Pakers and Eagles

How long is the Pittsburgh steeler season ticket waiting list?

As more fans have been added to the list in recent years, the wait time for Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets is now approaching 50 years and there are upwards of 60,000 fans on the Steelers season ticket waiting list. Click on the link below for more information.

Which pro sports team has the longest season ticket wait list?

The Philadelphia Eagles have the longest wait list at 4,000 years and 75,000 fans. This study was done by forbes. 2. Packers - 100years 3. Redskins - 20-25years

Where can tickets for a football game featuring the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles be purchased?

Tickets to a football game featuring the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles may be purchased from online ticket retailers such as StubHub, VividSeats and TicketMaster. These tickets can also be purchased by telephone from Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000.

How much money do you need to put down to reserve a spot on the pittsburgh penguins season ticket waiting list?

350 is what i paid

How much does a season ticket for Barcelona football club cost?

I have seen tickets for sale at 13,000 euros. Otherwise, there is a waiting list.

How much is it to get in lightwater valley?

Single Season Ticket£60.00Family season ticket (3)£165.00Family season ticket (4)£220.00Family season ticket (5)£250.00Family season ticket (6)£280.00