Best Answer depends on the track. Most tracks, one lap=400 meters, or about a quarter mile. so 8 laps would be 2 miles.

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Q: How long is it if you walk all 8 laps on a track?
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How many laps are in each NASCAR race?

It all depends on the track but they are normally 400 to 500 laps but some races have up too 600 laps and as few as 150.

How many metres in a track?

Virtually all athletics tracks are 400 metres long. This is why they have a staggered start in 400m races. An 800 metres race is therefore 2 laps of a 400m track.

In Nascar what is the shortest race and how many laps?

In the Nascar Sprint Cup Series the shortest races, in miles, are at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The track is 1.058 miles long. The summer race is the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 (which is 301 laps) and the fall race is the Sylvania 300 (300 laps). All other cup races are 400 or 500 miles in length.

How big is a velodrome?

A velodrome can be a range of distances/sizes. And the steepness of the bends can vary too. The most common sizes of a velodrome are: 250m (4 laps=1km), 333m(3 laps=999m, basically 1km) and 500m (2 laps=1km). But the most common out of all these is the normal Olympic distance track - 250m. On this size track the bends are usually a 45 degree angle

How many miles is 7 laps of a track?

Most tracks are a quarter mile per lap. So four laps would total one mile, eight would be two, so seven is 1.75 miles. It depends on the specific track, though, because not all of them follow this guideline.

What does hot lap mean in dirt track racing?

Hot lap is a term used for a test drive. It's where they let drivers take the car on the track and see how the car and the track handle before a race. It is often only a few laps and less cars on the track at a time then during a normal race. Cars are not required to do hot laps but, it is a good idea since track conditions change all the time. By doing a test drive or "Hot Laps" before a race it allows drivers to see how the car will handle in a safer way then just making them race the car. This way they can make changes to the car before the race begins. Hot laps allows driver and crews to make the race safer and car go faster.

What is the total time of a NASCAR race?

It all depends on the length of the track, and if it rains it will shortened. I'll give a top 5 list of some tracks and their number of laps: Daytona International Speedway-200 laps-500 miles Bristol Motorspeedway-500 laps-263 miles. Texas Motor Speedway-334 laps-501 miles. Indianapolis Motorspeedway-160 laps-400 miles Talladega Superspeedway-188 laps-500.08 miles A race can take anywhere between 3 and 4 hrs.

What lane of a 400 meter track equals 440 yards?

Stay at least 15 inches from the rail all the way around a 400 meter track and you will cover a quarter mile (440 yards) each lap. So you can run 4 laps in lane one and cover a mile, as long as you are on the outer part of the lane.

How many laps on a tredmill equals a mile?

i believe it is four laps. But it all depends on what type of tredmill you have.

How long to walk 2 miles?

Not long at all. Around 30 minute +

How many laps has Sebastian vettel done?

In all of his career Sebastian Vettel has driven over 7000 laps approx including recorded Practice and Qualifying Laps.

What is the distance around a high school running track if you walk all eight lanes?

400 meters 400 meters

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