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The average 18 hole Golf course is about 6000 yards long.

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Q: How long is an average golf course in yards?
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How many yards long is the world's longest golf course?

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club in China is the world's longest golf course, it is 8,450 yards long.

How many feet in a golf course?

Well on average a golf course is around 6200-6500 yards long from the back tees so between 18,600' and 19,500'

What is the dimension of a golf course?

Every golf course is different, based upon the terrain and design. Holes can be as short as 100 yards or as long as 600 yards. All 18 holes typically measure on average 6000 yards combined, but courses can be as short as 5000 and as long as 7500.

How long is a miniature golf course?

Miniature golf courses can be anywhere from 50 to 100 yards long.

How big is 9-hole golf course?

It depends on weather the holes are all par threes such as an executie course,, could be as little as 900 yards long to and average nine holes of 3200 yards. Depending from which tee boxes you play from.

How long is a 9 hole golf course?

Between 2500-3600 yards for nine holes.

What is the average length of a hole in golf?

The average hole in golf would be about 400 yards long. A hole in golf ranges from 100 to 600 yards, but there are more holes in the 300-450 range, than there is at the extremes. It is hard to say what the exact average would be.

How long is a par 3 hole?

On a proper golf course anywhere from around 100-230 yards.

How long is a golf course?

Depends what golf course it is. Cimmie.

What is the size of a golf course?

it all depends on the course there not all the same. Pros play a course that is usually 6600-7200 yards long. Amateurs and duffers play small courses. the size of a golf course can range from 74 acres for amateurs to 250 acres for professionals a professional golf course is about 170 acres ,some are up to 200 acres

What is the minimum area required for golf ground?

420 yards long.

What is an average golf drive for a 9 year old?

It depends on several factors such as your strength, height, how long you have played, and your driver you use.However, I would have to say 100- 150 yards is about average.

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