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The net can be 15 to 18 inches long .

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Q: How long is an NBA net?
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How tall is a NBA basketball net?

its about 10 ft

The cost of an NBA basketball net?

from $7000-$12,000

Who is the captain of New Jersey Net In NBA?

vince carter

Charles Barkleys Net Worth?

Charles Barkley's net worth is estimated to be between $30 and $40 million. A 10-time NBA All-Star, Barkley played in the NBA from 1984-2000.

What the first basketball net?

In 1966 is when the first basketball was used in the NBA.

How big is a NBA court?

The NBA court is 94ft long.

How far is a NBA free throw line?

15 feet from under the net.

What NBA team has the highest net worth?

The Miami Heat and sebastian lopez

How tall is an NBA basketball net in inches?

18 inches according to me hahaha

What is the height of a basketball net used today?

in the nba it is 10 feet high

How long is an NBA quarter?

An NBA quarter is 12 minutes long excluding all stoppage of play.

How long is a quarter in the NBA?

The quarters in NBA games are twelve minutes long, and there are four quarters in a game.

What do you call the net for catching long fish?

Thee ol long net

How long has brooke Lopez been in the NBA?

This is his 2nd NBA season.

What is the height of a profession basketball net?

NBA Basketball nets are 10 feet tall

Are there educational requirements for entering the NBA?

no all you have to do is get the basketball into the basketball net, it's that easy

How big is a basketball net?

An official, NBA-approved basketball net may be anywhere between 15" to 18" long. Obviously, it must also go around the rim of the hoop. An official basketball hoop is 18" in diameter; thus, the net must also be 18" in diameter at its widest point.

How many months is the NBA season?

The NBA season is 9 months long.

How long has Paul Pierce played in the NBA?

he has been in the NBA since 1998.

What is a long fish net called?

A very long fishing net that is usually used in commercial fishing is called a drift net. This net will capture many fish at a time.

How long is a halftime in the NBA?

How ever long the commercials are

Can an NBA defensive basketball player touch the net during a shot attempt?

No, this would be goaltending.

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA?

How long did Magic Johnson play in the NBA? he played for 13 years

How long has the la clippers been in the NBA?

The clipper have been in the nba for 25 years

Can you skip college and go to the NBA?

no and you don't stay in the NBA for very long either

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