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There is no time limit. Until one of them goes out of the ring or touches the ground with something other than their feet, the match continues. The 'referee' may 'add water' if they need a break.

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Q: How long is a sumo wrestling match?
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What is a Japanese wrestling match called?

sumo wrestling... check it out on wikipedia.

How do you get into the sumo wrestling match in Poptropica?


What do you call a bout in sumo wrestling?

The bout is called a match in sumo wrestling. It would occur during a tournament or basho.

How many people go to a sumo wrestling match?

Sometimes over 1,000 people go to a Sum wrestling match

What century was sumo wrestling in japan inventing?

The first recorded sumo match took place in 300AD. But wrestling was around for many centuries before that.

Who is involved in the sumo wrestling match?

Big show and akebono at wrestlmania 21

Where do you take the betting slip on red dragon?

You take it to the sumo wrestling match.

How many sumo wrestlers in a sumo wrestling match?

In a single match there are two sumo wrestlers competing against each other. In a tournament there can be dozens of competitors, in a round robin type format.

Name of a Japanese wrestling?

sumo wrestling is what they do i japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan

What do you do after trimming the bonsai trees on poptropica?

Help the villagers and then go to the sumo wrestling match.

Is sumo wrestling a sport?

Sumo wrestling is a martial art and a sport.

What type of sport is sumo?

It is wrestling cuz its called sumo wrestling

How do you get into the sumo wrestling match?

Help the guards figure out who was the thief. One of the guards will give you a ticket.

Where is the sumo wrestling match on poptropica?

It is in the arena which is on top of the stairs beside the block print lady.

What is sumo wrestling of kids call?


How do you win the sumo wrestling match on red dragon island?

By clicking first after the man say began.

Is sumo wrestling in the Olympics?

No, sumo is not an Olympic sport.

How do you get the man to train you in red dragon island?

you have to win the sumo wrestling match and when you do the sumo wrestler will get mad and Basho will save you. then he will say that you can come to his cottage to train with him.

How has Japanese sumo wrestling changed over time?

the costumes and culture has changed from sumo wrestling

What are the elders who run the sport of Sumo wrestling called?

The elders in sumo wrestling are known as toshiyori.

Who run the sport of Sumo wrestling?

Japan Sumo Association.

What is the Japanese style wrestling called?

Sumo wrestling.

What kind of wrestling is famous in japan?

It is sumo wrestling.

What is sumo?

Sumo is a type of wrestling from Japan. Sumo wrestlers are usually strong and fat.

Is sumo wrestling the most popular sport in China?

Sumo is a Japanese sport, no a Chinese sport. Sumo Wrestling in China, has therefore a limited following.