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2 halfs 15:00 minutes each

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Q: How long is a regulation game of handball?
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In what year did the game of European Handball originate?

The game of Team Handball originated in the Year of 1919.

What is a three person handball game called?

Cut throat handball

Is handball a game?

Duuuhhh a sports game

When is the event of the handball game in the Olympics and where?

Handball is part of the summer Olympics. So there was no Handball in the Olympics 2010, which was winter Olympics

Is a handball court 20 meters by 40 meters?

For team handball, the court is 20 meters wide by 40 meters long. For 'regular' handball, the court is 20 feet wide by 34 feet long with a wall that is 16 feet in height.

How did Team Handball come to be known as Handball?

Handball was always named only "Handball". Just the English speaking hemisphere added "Team" to distinguish it from the other handball game played by just 2 persons.

How long does a regulation game last?

i dont know find it your self !

Who always wins a game in handball?

The winner!

What is the number of players in a game of team handball?


Who made handball?

There is no single person credited with inventing the game of handball. It goes as far back as ancient Rome.

How many players are on a handball game?

Handball consists of 2 teams of 7 players each. One of which is the goalkeeper.

Was John the Baptist a good handball player?

A:The game of handball had not been invented at the time of John the Baptist. We can therefore be certain that John never played handball.