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about 2-2.5 hours. 20 minutes in 3 periods = 60 and then 2 intermissions for 17 minutes long 34 more 34 + 60 = 1 hour 34 minutes. Add in stoppages of play, around 3 commercial breaks per period, you wind up at somewhere around 2 and a half hours

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60 minutes but it can be longer if the game goes into Overtime.

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There are 3 periods that are 20 minutes long.

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Q: How long is a professinal hockey game?
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How long is a hockey game?

3 20 minute periods

How long is a floor hockey game?

The floor hockey game floor size is the same as a basketball court. The two teams play on a floor measuring 94 ft. by 50 ft.

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How long is an Australian Internation Ice Hockey Cup game?

Three 20 minute periods

How long in the cold tub after a hockey game?

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How long is a period in an ice hockey game?

twenty minutes for each period. There are three periods.

How long are periods in a high school hockey game?

periods in a high school ice hockey game are generally 12-14 minutes in length

How long do hockey players ride the bike before a game?

They ride a bike for 15 mins and 23 seconds before a game

How long is each game?

Box Lacrosse is the same as hockey with the game lasting one hour with three twenty minute periods

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