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The rest of this match and the following match as well.

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Q: How long is a player out after being sent off in the FIFA World Cup?
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How long is a FIFA World Cup field?

A FIFA World Cup field is 110 yards long and 75 yards wide.

How long will you be in the reserve team in be a pro in fifa 09 PS3?

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How long does a FIFA World Cup go for?

1 month

How long does the fifa world cup winning team keep the fifa world cup trophy?

After a few months and all the celebrations are over it is returned for safe keeping.

How long are you out if you are cautioned?

Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, there is no requirement for a cautioned player to leave the field.

Who is the best long shooting player on FIFA 11?

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How long does the FIFA World Cup championship tournament occur?

They play it once in four years.

Who is the best at long shots on FIFA 12?

Probably someone from the world XI but in Ultimate team it has to be Balotelli

Will FIFA 11 come out on PS2?

Fifa 11 is being released for the ps2 in september. Although most new games concentrate on the ps3, xbox360 and wii, certain games like Fifa will continue to be released for the ps2 as long as there is demand. No online play will be available with the ps2 version though, the same as with Fifa 10.

How many countries have hosted the FIFA world cup since it started long ago?

I think it is 17 as some held it twice like Italy.

How do you make a long pass in fifa 11?

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How to do a long pass on fifa 09 wii?

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