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23.6 miles

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Q: How long is a normal marathon?
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What is an example sentence for the word marathon?

A marathon is a long race. But it is slower than a normal race.

How long is the marathon in meters?

The marathon is 26 miles long.

How far is a half marathon run?

21,097.5 metres (half the distance of a normal marathon).

Why is the NYC Marathon 26.2 miles long?

Cause that's how long a marathon is.

Why is the Boston Marathon 26.2 miles long?

It's 26.2 miles long because that's how long a marathon is that's why it's called the Boston Marathon.

Why are marathons 26 miles long and why is a marathon called a marathon?

there was a guy who ran the marathon at the battle of marathon and so it was created

How far is the marathon?

The marathon is 42 Km long

Where can one find out how long a marathon is?

Wikipedia is a very valid source for finding out how long a marathon is. Specifically, a marathon is a long-distance run based around the 25 mile mark.

How long is the London marathon race in klometers?

The London marathon race is 42.195 kilometers long

What is the reason why the marathon is 42 km long?

a marathon is how far?

How far is a marathon running race?

A Marathon race is 26 miles long

Is there a half marathon?

Yes, there is a half marathon. A half marathon is about 13.1 miles long, half the distance of a full marathon, 26.2 miles. 

How long is a 5k marathon?

A marathon is 42.2 kilometres or 26 miles.

Exactly how long is a marathon road race?

A marathon is 26.202 miles.

How many hours is a normal marathon?

5 - 8 hours

How many miles is a half marathon?

A half-marathon is 13.1 miles long.

How many km is the Olympic marathon?

The Olympic marathon is exactly 42.195 km long

How long is the potteries marathon?


How long is a marathon race?

The standard length for a marathon is 26 miles 385 yards.

How long is the womens marathon in running?

The Women's marathon lasted aleast 42 kilometres The Women's marathon lasted atleast 42 kilometres

How many mile is the New York City Marathon?

26.2 miles. Every marathon is that long.

Can you ride a taxi without any taxi plates on as a normal car?

In the United States, cars that were built to be taxis - such as the Checker Marathon - may be drove privately as normal cars. So can hearses or ambulances, so long as they don't pretend to be those things.

How long is the mens marathon?


How long is a kids marathon?


What candy bar is a long run?

A marathon bar