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for youth games most leagues do have time limit 2 hrs at the most for many youth games i would say two hrs if anything some have 1 hr and 30 minute time limit (that under asa softball) some umpires may have to call the game for darnkess too.

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Q: How long is a minor league baseball game?
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How long does a minor league baseball game last?

We saw our first minor league game last night (7-31-09) and it lasted almost 4 hours for 9 innings!

When a major league team outright a player to the minor league what does it mean?

In the event of a Major League Baseball team outrighting a baseball player, it will result in the player's removal from the team's 40-man roster however the baseball player wiill still remain in the organization and will be assigned to be on one of the team's Minor League teams as long as they haven't gotten the rights to refuse assignment to the Minor Leagues.

How long has Jose Reyes been in the US?

Jose Reyes came to the US in 2000, when he began playing Minor League Baseball for the New York Mets.

When called up how many days can a baseball player stay up in major league?

There's no limit. As long as the Major League team has room on its roster, it can keep a player called up from the Minor Leagues.

Are National League baseball games shorter then American League baseball games.?

No, Both American and National league baseball games are 9 innings long

During what inning does a Major League Baseball game become official?

Since professional baseball games are normally nine innings long, the fifth inning is used as the threshold for an official game, since it is roughly the halfway mark.

How long do you have to go to school to be in Major League Baseball?

No connection. Have to be real good at baseball

How long does a net ball game last?

depends on your league

How long has Major League Baseball been playing all-star games?

The first MLB All Star game was played in 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago.

How long is the Major League Baseball regular season?

162 games

How long on average is a major league baseball bat?

123 cm

How long is an average Major League Baseball at bat?

6 games