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Association football: matches are 45 minutes in each half, with a 15 minute halftime break. 'Injury' or extra time on each half can normally get to as much as 5 minutes each half, resulting in 125 minutes or just over 2 hours from start to finish.

American football: each quarter is 15 minutes at professional level, slightly less in university and lower grades. There is a 12 minute halftime break, which means in theory there is a 75ish minute gametime. In practise, timestops for certain situations mean that games normally go for at least double that, i.e. 2.5 hours and sometimes as much as 3 hours.

Rugby football: Rugby of all kinds is played in two halves of 40 minutes, with a 10 minute halftime break. Extra time in each half is usually around a minute, and ends as soon as the play is stopped. Thus it may finish as soon as the 40 minutes ends, or can go up to five minutes onwards. This makes a game just over 90 minutes or 1.5 hours total.

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Q: How long is a football match?
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How long does a football match go for?

A normal football match is 90mins long (45mins each way) with 15mins at half-time for refreshments

How long is half time at college football games?

it takes the same time as any football match

How long does a 9 a side football match last?

90 minutes

How long is a football match excluding extra time?

90 minutes

How long was the longest extra time given in a football match?

23 minutes

How long football match lasts before it cannot be called off?

45 Minutes

How long is under 12's football match?

Under 12s football matches usually last for one hour (60 minutes)

Name the person that controls a football match?

A referee usually controls a football match

How do you say football match in French?

Un match de football. Original, eh?

How many officials officiates a football match?

three officials officiates a football match

How many people are there in one team in football in a match?

11 player in a football match

How long does the football match go for in Peru?

90 minutes with two 45 minute halves.

How long must a football match be played for score to stand?

It mst be 70 for the result to stand

How many officials officiate a football match?

In a football match we have referee and 2 lines men is there any other official in the match?

Who would win in a football match Joe or Kayla?

Joe would win in a football match

What does match fantasy football transfer codes do?

Allow you to make Transfers on Match Fantasy Football

How long does under 15s football match last?

It consists of two 40 minute halves. If a match is to go into overtime, there will be two 15 minute halves.

What is a knockout football match?

A knockout football match is simply one match, whoever wins it progresses to the next round, the loser is out of the competition.

How long would you be at a pro American football match?

The game generally takes about three hours to play.

How long could you be on mercury the planet with a spacesuit?

It would depend on the it a wedding, a football match or a barbeque?

What do you call the people who watching football match?

fans, um .... football spectators/supporters

How long was the the longest soccer match ever played?

the longest football game was 42 hours and 5 minutes, this game broke the world's Guinness record for the longest football match. The event was held in Qatar by Snickers through a campaign called " Make football history" why am i talking about football, im supposed to be talking about soccer.

How long does a Gaelic football match go on for?

The standard time for a Gaelic football match is 70 minutes, consisting of two 35 minute halves. At some levels of the game matches can be played for 60 minutes and for children the time would be shorter.

Do you need a parent to attend an AFL football match?

No, you don't need a parent to attend an AFL football match.

How long does the world cup finals take?

Each match in a football match will last for 90 minutes, but the referee will add extra time for injuries, cards and changing of players.