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32" and that is really big for little leaguers

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Q: How long is a bat in little league allowed to be?
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Is a -5 bat aloud in little league?

yes as long as on the bat some where it says that this bat is approved for play in Little League

Which little league bat has a bpf of 1.2?

No Little League bat has a bpf of 1.2. As of Jan 2009, a LL bat cannot exceed bpf 1.15.

Can a bat donut be used in little league?


Are Baseball pitchers allowed to be at bat?

In the National Baseball League - the pitcher is not only allowed to bat - he is required to. In the American Baseball League, the pticher does not bat. He was replaced in that capacity many years ago by the "designated hitter".

Is the Tpx Triton bat legal for little league?

Yes it is! And is a GREAT bat to!

Is a 2009 demarini cf3 legal for little league?

no, it is considered an illegal bat in little league

What is the rule for throwing bat in little league?

the batter is out

What is a mako bat?

A Mako bat is a neon orange/green composite bat that is best for little league or major little league. It has great pop and sweet spot is 2/3 of the barrel

How do you roll a little league bat?

If it for use in little league, it is illegal to roll the bat. The player will be disqualified if they are caught. Try I've had great luck with them

What size baseball bat is used in little league?

a -7.5 Bat is used. they are also called Senior league bats

Is rolling a little league bat considered tampering or altering?

That does nothing to help the bat.

Are wooden bats allowed for little league?

Yes, but it must be solidly taped up to (I believe) one-third up the bat. This is to prevent the bat from shattering and hurting the batter or nearby fielders.

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