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A Basketball Backboard is 72 inches long.

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Q: How long is a basketball backboard?
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How long is a standard basketball backboard?

A Basketball Backboard is 72 inches long.

What is a backboard in basketball?

the backboard is behind the basketball hoop

Why is the basketball backboard their?

The basketball backboard is there to show ppl where to shot the ball to get it in.

What is the square thing on the back of a basketball hoop called?

It is commonly known as a basketball backboard.

What dimensions are a rounded basketball backboard?

The dimensions for a rounded basketball backboard in the NCAA is only slightly different than the dimensions for a rounded basketball backboard in the NBA. NCAA regulations allow the basketball backboard to be 4 feet high,Êwhile the NBA requires that the basketball backboard be no more than 3 1/2 feet high.

Where is the shooting square located on a basketball backboard?

on the backboard above the rim

How high is the backboard?

How high is a basketball backboard from the ground?

If a basketball is shot and hits the side of the backboard Is the side of the backboard out of bounds?


What does a backboard in netball mean?

There is no backboard in netball, however there is one in basketball

Can you touch the backboard in a basketball game?

yes you can some of the layups basketball players do ends with a high five on the backboard

What is the length and width of a basketball backboard?

Size of a basketball backboardWidth: 6 feet (72 inches) Height: 3.5 feet (42 inches)need to know and other measurements go to the link below feet (72 inches) wide and 3.5 feet (42 inches) high

What are the markings on a basketball backboard?

how do we find out the size of the markings of the inner square on the backboard

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