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One season

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Q: How long is a NASCAR driver a rookie?
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Has a rookie driver ever won the Nascar Cup Series championship?


When was NASCAR Rookie of the Year created?

NASCAR Rookie of the Year was created in 1954.

Who was NASCAR first rookie of year?

The first NASCAR rookie of the year was Blackie Pitt.

Who is the NASCAR driver for Kia?

There is not a Nascar driver for Kia.

Who was the NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1998?

The 1998 Nascar Winston Cup Rookie of the Year was the late Kenny Irwin Jr.

How much money does a rookie Nascar driver make?

It depends on who their sponsors are and if they win, but on a normal basis they make about 6-10 million.

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

How many Nascar races do you have to start in your rookie season to finish your rookie year?


How do you race in the NASCAR iracing championship?

Well when you first start Iracing you start witha rookie License. You need to work your way up the ranks of: Rookie, D, C, B, A, And finnaly pro! You do that by being a fast and clean driver. You need to come in the top 20 in points in the pro series then that qualifies you to race in the Nascar Iracing Driver World Championship!

Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the richest Nascar driver with 100,000,000+.

Who was the 2002 Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year?

In 2002, Scott Riggs was the Nascar Busch Series Rookie of the Year. It is now known as the Nationwide Series.

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