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3.1 miles, 5km or 5,000 meters

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Q: How long is a 5k race in distance?
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What is a 5k race?

A 5k race is 3.106 miles long. It is a short distance road race. It is one of the most common road races. The world record for this distance is 12:37 by Kenenisa Bekele.

How many miles is a 10k distance?

A 10K run is 10 kilometers long, which is the equivalent of 6.2 miles. It's double the distance of a 5K, which is another popular race distance. If you've never run a race before, a 5K race is a good introduction to road racing for beginners.

What is cross-country runner?

A cross-country runner is a runner who trains and races in a long distance race. The distance are usually 5k and up.

How much is a 5K race?

Distance wise it is 3.1 miles, price wise, it depends on the race.

How long in miles is a 5k race?

3.1 Miles

How long is a 5K race in meters?

5000 meters

How long is the 1 in a 5k race?

200 meters

What is a 5k marathon?

There is no such thing. A marathon is a distance race that is 26.2 miles in length.

How many miles is a 5K?

The "K" in 5K stands for kilometer, which is the equivalent of 0.62 miles. Therefore, a 5K race is 3.1 miles long.

How far is a 5 k race?

A 5K race is 5K long. That is 5 kilometers (kilometres), also written as 5KM or 5000m. Approximately 3.4 miles.

How many miles are ran in a 5k marathon?

A 5k race is about 3.1 miles. A marathon is about 26.2 miles. There is no such race as a "5k marathon."

Am I too old to take part in the 5k races?

Age is of very little importance to running a 5K race. As long as you are in good shape and are confident in your ability to complete your goal, you are able to take part in a 5K race.

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