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3000 meters or 7 and a half laps around a 400 meter track

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Q: How long is a 3k run?
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Related questions

How long does it take to run a 3k?

3k should be about 10 min for a varsity highschool runner and 13 for an average runner

How long for an eleven year old girl to run 3k?


What is a 3K?

A 3K is a race that is 3 Kilometers long. 3 km = 1.86411 mi

What is the best time for 3k run?

The best time ever for a 3k run is 7 minutes, 20 seconds, by Daniel Komen from Kenya. He ran this time on 1 September 1996 in Rieti, Italy.

How long is a 3k?

About 1.86 miles

How long is a 3K race?

3 kilometres

How long is 3k in miles?

1.86 miles

How miles is a 3 k run?

3k is three kilometers or 1.86 miles.

What is the pace per mile of a 3K race run in 1540?


How long in miles is a 3k run?

That's about 1.87 miles. You can use google as a conversion calculator by typing your question directly in the search bar. e.g. "3 kilometers to miles"

What is the average 3k run time?

I do 3k just under 18 mins - im not a runner. heavy... but working on it... aiming to reach 15mins..... 8th Grade boys in Indianapolis, IN run 3k (cross country) in the low 11 minutes (6:00 mile pace) to be competitive. Low 10 minutes (5:30 pace) won the City Meet in 2008. My 11 yr old ran 12:50 last year (6:53 pace). I am 45 and an average runner and can run it in the 14's.

How far is a 3k?

A 3K is 1.86 miles

Diagrama carburador 3k Toyota?


Factoring polynomials 9k2-12k plus 4?

(3k - 2)(3k - 2) or (3k - 2)2

How many miles are there in 3K?

3k=1.86 miles

How do you solve 3k plus 3 equals 8?

3k + 3 = 8 3k = 8 -3 3k = 5 k = 5/3

How far do you run in a cross country meet?

for junior high they run 2 miles and high school runs 3 miles They're a lot of different races, 1k's, 2k's, 3k's, 4k's, 5k's, and other Ks. LOL! Middle school usually does 3k's. High school does 5k's, and then you get to choose.

What is the record time of the fastest 3k run?

7:20.67 Daniel Komen (Kenya) in Rieti, Italy on 9/01/96

What does 3k mean?

3k can mean 3,000 as k is a symbol for 1,000. If you're running a race, 3k can also mean 3 kilometers or 3,000 meters.

What is the answer for 6m 4n-9km 6kn?


What is the answer to -2k3 plus k2 - 9 from 5k3 - 3k plus 7?

(5k3 - 3k + 7) - (-2k3 + k2 - 9) = 7k3 - k2 - 3k + 16

How much are you paid if you are paid 3k?

If you are paid 3k, then it means that you are paid "$3000".

What does 3k mean on Twitter?

3k is a quick way of saying three thousand.

Combine the like terms to create an equivalent expression-k+3k?

-k + 3k = 2k

How long will it take to drive highway50?

ABout 50 hrs at avge speed of 60-it's 3k mi.