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Q: How long is Paris roubaix cycling race?
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Where is the Paris Roubaix race held?

The race runs from Compiegne, a suburb of Paris and travels north towards Belgium, ending in the City of Roubaix. 260 KM

When did the Paris roubaix end this year?

The Paris-Roubaix is a one-day race. The 2014 edition was held on April 13.

Who won the Paris roubaix bike race in 2007?

Stuart O'Grady

Can women race in Tour de France?

No. the "big" event is male-only, by rule and definition. There is a Tour de France only for women, and most big cycling races, like Giro d'Italia, Paris-Roubaix etc. has womens versions aswell.

Which cycling tour is world's biggest single day cycling race?

If you discount the Olympics and the World Cycling Championships, arguably the "biggest" is the 165 mile French race -Paris Roubaix- which occurs in April. It is raced on narrow roads and over centuries-old cobbles in often times terrible spring weather conditions (rain, wind). The winner must be lucky and a strong, determined survivor who can avoid crashes and be willing to race under the most difficult of conditions against the world's best.

Why is cycling France's national sport?

Don't really know if it is, they're quite keen of football/soccer too.But France does host the Tour de France, a hugely popular three-week, multi-stage road bicycle race that is quite famous even internationally.There's another race called Paris-Roubaix, which also is rather well known.

What is a meaning of pave?

with an accent on the e (pronounced pavee) it is the word used for coblestones in europe, and is synonomous with the Paris - Roubaix cycle race in France, as well as numerous other classics in Holland and Belgium ect.

What is a popular cycling race in Paris?

The Tour de France traditionally ends in Paris after 3 weeks of racing about 3500km around alot of France's territory and even some border countries.

Is the Paris - Roubaix a lead up to the Tour De France?

No! It's a one day race, totally different to the Tour de France. its one of the 5 one day monuments of cycling (the others being Milan - San Remo, Tour of Flanders, lLege - Bastogne - Liege and the tour of Lombardy). Its also one of the spring classics. These races favour totally different cyclists to the grand tours, to the extent that grand tour contenders may not race in the classics.

What does Mark Cavendish race in?


How do you win a cycling race?


Which is the world's best cycling race?

Well theres the Tour de France, which just ended. The Giro d'Italia. The Dauphine Libere. Then there are one-day classics, like Paris-Roubaix. There are lots of great cycling races in the world. Hope this helps.